July 6, 2012
Principal retires after more than four decades

After more than four decades as an educator, retiring principal of the Bethel High School Wendel Edwards can now put up his feet, and look back at his contribution to the teaching service with pride.{{more}}

At the 2012 graduation of the school, which took place on Tuesday, July 3, the students and staff, as well as the school’s Parent Teacher Association and senior officials of the Ministry of Education, bade farewell to Edwards, who, for the past four years, served at the helm of the institution. Prior to that, he served at other institutions, such as the St Vincent Technical College, and the St Clair Dacon Secondary School.

Affectionately known as ‘Eddie’, Edwards was lauded by the faculty for his dedication, not only to the teaching service, but also to the students who came under his care at the institutions at which he served.

He was treated with gifts, smothered with hugs, kisses and accolades, as many wished him well in his future endeavours.

Edwards, who started his teaching career in the early 70’s at the Questelles Government School, expressed gratitude to all who shared in the bittersweet occasion with him, and pledged his eternal loyalty to the school, and to education on a whole.

“Thank you for your unwavering years of support and dedication…. It is my vision that all students get to CSEC, with no drop-outs….”

To the departing students, Edwards urged them to look forward to a future with faith.

“Do not look back at what was not done, but look at a future of fun and hard work.

“Have faith, hold on to humanities and work ethics. Do not disappoint!” Edwards urged.

82 students, who were tested in 24 subjects at CSEC, exited the halls of the school for the last time at the graduation ceremony, which was held at the Apostolic Faith Mission Church in Campden Park.

Student of the Year Eslyn Small was the graduating class’s valedictorian. She also received awards for outstanding performances in sports, discipline, chemistry, geography and physical education.

Featured speaker at the ceremony was lawyer Mandela Campbell, who delivered a stirring address on the school’s graduation theme: “Faith for the Journey Ahead”.