July 6, 2012
Paget Farm Gov’t School obtains 90 per cent pass rate in CEE

With their theme being “Pursue and Persevere with Prayer”, the Paget Farm Government School held its graduation on July 3, at the Apostolic Faith Mission Church in Bequia.{{more}}

Students were urged to set their goals and to stay focussed on them.

Guest Speaker Lyda Ollivierre, past student and past teacher of the school, outlined to the students five steps to achieving success. He told the students that they first must believe in God, because without that belief, they can’t do anything. He also encouraged them to believe in themselves, believe that they can do whatever they aspire to do.

Ollivierre advised the young ones to find their purpose, to work hard and to practise the golden rule, which is to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. He appealed to the students to stay away from persons who would only get them into trouble.

Principal of the school Devon Ollivierre, in his report, said that he’s standing very proud, knowing that the school obtained a 90 per cent pass rate in this year’s Common Entrance Examination, noting that it’s a huge improvement from other years. He said of the eleven students who did the exam, ten of them were successful, with five of them attaining a passing grade for the top schools in St Vincent.

Principal Ollivierre said that the staff has been working on and implementing a development plan to elevate the standards of the school and it is evident that it is working, because of the results of this year’s exams.

Receiving the James Ollivierre Award for Excellence, Valedictorian Roella Bynoe, in her speech, said that it wasn’t easy, but she pushed through to the finish. Bynoe, who aspires to be a neurologist, has always been the top student throughout her seven years in Primary school. She attained 74 per cent in English, 81.6 per cent in both Maths and General Paper and will be continuing her education at the St Vincent Girls’ High School.

Various awards were given to students for Health and Family Life, Reading Club and Creative Arts, among others. Also present at the ceremony was Representative for the Northern Grenadines Dr Godwin Friday, Deputy Director of Grenadines Affairs Herman Belmar and Representative from the Crime and Prevention Unit Sylvester Tannis. They all urged the graduates to aim for excellence and continue to work towards their goal, while Tannis admonished them to follow their own intuition and to stay away from crime.

The atmosphere was one of excitement, combined with tears of joy from both students and parents, as they reflected on all the hard work that has paid off.(DC)