June 29, 2012
Teachers robbed at gunpoint

The principal of a school in Kingstown is cautioning persons to be careful when walking the streets with their cell phones in hand.{{more}}

This, after two of her staff members were robbed at gunpoint and one of them relieved of her Blackberry smart phone, in the vicinity of the Super J supermarket at Stoney Ground.

The principal said that the teachers are still shaken up by the ordeal, which occurred just after 10:00 am on Monday, June 25, and did not want to be identified, for fear that they may be tracked down by the bandits.

According to the Principal, the two female teachers, with more than ten years experience between them, had left the supermarket and were walking between along the alley leading to Stoney Ground, when they were accosted by two young men.

The men, who were not masked, snatched the cell phone from the frightened women and then fled the scene.

The alley is used by persons as a short cut to and from the supermarket and other stores in the area.

The principal is cautioning adults and children to be careful when walking there.

She expressed surprise and shock that such an incident took place in broad daylight.(JJ)