June 29, 2012
Sam, Moore win with Karib Cable

Wilfred Sam and Sylvia Moore are the recent winners in Karib Cable’s Carnival promotion “Come Celebrate and Win with Karib Cable”.{{more}}

Sam, a resident of Peruvian Vale, and Moore, from Sion Hill, collected their prizes at the Karib Cable office on June 26. They were presented with two tickets for the Miss Carival Show, a Carnival costume, along with other fabulous prizes.

“I feel very lucky to have won, but this was only made possible through the efforts made by Karib Cable who I want to say thank you to,” said Sam, as she collected the prizes on behalf of her husband.

“We don’t normally participate in carnival, but the Miss Carival tickets I will give to my grandsons who am sure will make good use of them.”

“I appreciate the gesture from Karib Cable; I like what they are doing. Unfortunately, I don’t take part in carnival, so I will give the carnival costume to my sister Sharon, who I know will enjoy herself when the carnival day come,” said Moore.

“There are other fantastic prizes still remaining from this current promotion. On behalf of Karib Cable we are telling everyone they too can be a winner by simply signing up for Internet, Cable TV, Fixed Line service and clear their account balance,” said Vance Garraway, Marketing Executive of Karib Cable.

To be part of the promotion, simply sign up for any of Karib Cable’s services, pre-pay your bill or pay off the full balance on your account to be entered into our weekly draw to stand a chance to win great and fantabulous prizes. BUT HURRY – This promotion will not last long!