June 29, 2012
Anglican Archdeaconry hosts Family Day in SVG

Hundreds of Anglicans turned up at the Arnos Vale Sports Complex last Sunday for the Archdeaconry Family Day Service. The Service was preceded by a procession of witness of the parishes in the Archdeaconry.{{more}}

In 2011, the Church in the Province of the West Indies commenced celebrations for the Provincial year of the family; similar activities were held within the archdeaconries of Grenada and St Lucia in April of this year.

Hundreds of Anglicans and other wellwishers turned out for the Archdeaconry Family Day service, which was celebrated under the theme: “Uniting families in worship, fellowship and fun”. The Family Day service featured much pomp and ceremony and included intercessory prayers for mothers, fathers, adolescents, children and homes, as well as the much anticipated blessing of the families present.

Delivering the sermon at the Family Day was the Venerable Christian Glasgow, Archdeacon of Grenada and Rector of the Parish of St George, Grenada, who spoke on the theme, with specific reference to ‘worship’. Adopting the phrase “inspire your Church with grace to guide and nurture those families committed to her care’, Archdeacon Glasgow opined that the authors of the Collect for Family Life highlight the importance of families to unite in worship, as this endorses the family of the church as the body of Christ.

He went on to explain that the unity of the body of Christ is also important, because it symbolizes the unity of the God-head- this speaks of the experience of God, for the very message the church shares with all is one of unity and therefore, if the church is not united we are like a sounding brass or a tinkling cymbal, 1 Corinthians 13: 1. Linking this to the theme, he reiterated that once the Church is united, fellowship and fun will be achieved.

Archdeacon Glasgow noted that the church has a role to shape and fashion the minds of its members. Socialization should therefore be grounded in worship and should be of a particular mindset.

The afternoon session was filled with exercises for senior citizens, and games and other activities led by officials from the Ministry of Sports. The activity allowed family members to spend quality time together.