April 5, 2012
Speaker of the House should apologise

Member of Parliament for Central Kingstown St. Clair Leacock is calling on his New Democratic Party (NDP) to request an apology from the Speaker of the House Hendrick Alexander for comments made about him (Leacock),{{more}} which were published in an article in last Friday’s edition of SEARCHLIGHT.

The Speaker of the House in that article stated that Leacock “is simply a rude and out of place man who is not fit to be a Parliamentarian to represent people anywhere in this country. Sometimes I wonder if he does not suffer from some sort of complex or the other.”

The representative for Central Kingstown said that he does not think that the comments were in order for a Speaker of the House to make.

“And I think there will be a formal call by this party because it is already the feeling of the members of this constituency that the Speaker should be made to apologize for interfering into the democratic process of this country, for which he has a privileged opportunity to be the Speaker of the House,” Leacock said.

Leacock further called for the Speaker to be removed from the House, saying that Alexander’s comments were a clear indication of how biased he was towards the NDP members of the House.

“And I take strong offence to this personal attack on my character by one so clearly not qualified to do this,” he said.

When he made the comments, Alexander was responding to remarks made by Leacock that the Speaker was “manifestly incompetent, undemocratic in his practice, and manipulated by the ruling regime in the conduct of the House.”(DD)