March 27, 2012
Argentina diagnostic mission renders technical assistance to SVG agricultural sector

A diagnostic mission from the Republic of Argentina visited the state last week to assess the levels of technical assistance that can be rendered to St Vincent and the Grenadines through a technical cooperation arrangement forged between the two countries.{{more}}

On Tuesday, March 13, the team, comprising Agricultural Engineers Drs Daniel Ducassa and Joaquin Mueller, from the National Institute of Agricultural Technology, commenced a 4-day rapid surveillance of the agricultural sector, visiting a number of crop and livestock farms to assess the production practices.

The team was here in response to a request made in 2011 for Argentina to render assistance in furthering the development of the agricultural sector, through the areas of Livestock Development and the Management of a number of Crop Diseases and Pests. They thus met and held discussions with relevant agricultural officials, including the Minister of Agriculture Saboto Caesar.

According to Chief Agricultural Officer Reuben Robertson, through the bi-lateral cooperation arrangement, Argentina had been approached for assistance in the areas of:

Selection and Breeding of Improved Breeds through Artificial Insemination in Sheep and Goats; Nutrition and Feed Formulation from local foraged and by-products; Implementation of a Livestock Identification System that is suitable and affordable and meets the local needs; Processing of Selected Livestock Products; Biological Control of Crop Pests and Diseases.

Drs Mueller and Ducassa expressed delight in the organization of the Extension and Advisory services rendered here and the variations in farming techniques witnessed. They are confident that the exchange in scientific knowledge and technical assistance between St Vincent and the Grenadines will strengthen in the upcoming months.

The team was here under the auspices of the Argentine Fund for Horizontal Cooperation. They left SVG on Saturday, March 17.