Alexander alleges being beaten by officers at the Questelles Police Station
March 23, 2012
Alexander alleges being beaten by officers at the Questelles Police Station

Lowmans Leeward resident Roderick Alexander alleges that he was threatened and beaten by police officers from the Questelles Police Station after they took him into custody last week.{{more}}

According to the 23-year-old, on Tuesday, March 13, he had just finished selling coconuts at the Bridge in Campden Park and was making his way home.

While on his way, Alexander said a car came speeding in his direction.

“I see this car coming towards me to knock me down na. So I say, ‘soulja man, what happen to you, like you want me and you get in thing this evening. Like you want me chop you up are what? How you go try bounce me just so?’”

Alexander, who said he had his cutlass in his hands because he had just finished selling coconuts, told SEARCHLIGHT that a man in civilian clothing alighted the vehicle and showed him his police identification card.

“After I see he is ah police, I just back off na…I done say me ain’t war get in nothing with police,” he added.

According to Alexander, about 10 minutes later, he was picked up by a police transport and taken to the Questelles Police Station.

“When them come fo me, them tell me drop the cutlass, which I did…Soon as I reach in the station now, ah officer gimme ah hard slap, then he gimme ah hard box, buss up me eye all thing…,” he added.

On close inspection, Alexander had a gash above his right eye, swollen face and bruises to his left shoulder and arm.

The man also claimed he was thrown in a cell and beaten again.

“When I dey in there, them dey giving me all kinda talks and telling me I playing bright. De man them keep saying that they going kill me just like how they kill my brother…I dor like that one bit,” Alexander stated.

He was subsequently slapped with four charges, including being in possession of an offensive weapon, indecent language, resisting arrest, and making use of threatening language.

He was granted $5000 bail.

Since the alleged incident, Alexander has filed a complaint to the Police Public Relations Department.

Roderick’s brother, Kamasha ‘Suicide’ Alexander, was shot and killed by police in October 2008 after they answered a call from his grandfather’s home, where Kamasha was said to have been behaving in a violent manner.