March 9, 2012
Good Corporate citizen shows solidarity to Elite Steel Orchestra

Fri, Mar 9. 2012

The Solidarity Inc has donated $5000 to the Elite Steel Orchestra to assist in carrying out its work.{{more}}

The handing over ceremony took place today at the Solidarity Inc Car Park.

Chairman of the Solidarity Inc Car Park Renwick Rose said the Car Park has been in operation for less than fifteen months, and in spite of the short time they have been in operation, they have made contributions to education, scholarships, and have continued their commitment to the Pan Against Crime, an important social and educational tool trying to deal with one of society’s issues. He said he is proud to be associated with the movement of Pan Against Crime and is proud to make a contribution to the Elite Steel Orchestra.

Rose said they have not only tried to extend benefits to members of the organization that run the car park, but have looked at ways to uplift other segments of the society. He said they do not just run a car park for profit, but use that profit for a social purpose that benefits the people in the society. The handing over, he said, is part of that effort.

Band leader and arranger of the Elite Steel Orchestra, Kesron Wilson said he is proud and pleased to be the recipient of the assistance of the Solidarity Inc Car Park. He said the Elite Steel Orchestra does extensive work in collaboration with the CW Prescod Primary School to spread the art form of playing the steel pan throughout St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

He said the CW Prescod is proud to be the first school to have the playing of the pan timetabled in its daily activities. This, he said, is an expensive venture, and they are very happy that the solidarity Inc through the Pan Against Crime Committee has helped with the work they are doing. He said he is grateful to the committee and the Prime Minister for the Pan Against Crime initiative.

Member of the Pan Against Crime Committee ASP Jonathan Nicholls said the Pan Against Crime targets the youths of this nation, and although the Elite Steel Orchestra was not an initial member of Pan Against Crime, he is cognizant that they have been doing a tremendous job with the nation’s youths and they are happy to partner with the Solidarity Inc to offer assistance to the Elite Steel Orchestra.

Nicholls said Pan will help to keep the young people focused and meaningfully occupied while giving them a skill. He added that pan gives the young people less time to be involved in delinquent behaviour, and they will continue to strive to obtain sponsorships as a means of developing and encouraging this country’s youths. He is urging cooperate entities to come forward and offer assistance. (API)