UWI offers three additional programmes for 2012
March 2, 2012
UWI offers three additional programmes for 2012

Members of the media along with officials of the University of the West Indies (UWI) Open Campus here joined other UWI campuses around the region on Wednesday for the launch of the university’s 2012 online programmes.{{more}}

Held at the Open Campus’ Media Centre, the launch was done via teleconference where an overview of the upcoming programmes was provided by the Deputy Principal of the UWI Open Campus, Dr Vivienne Roberts.

This was followed by remarks from Director of the Open Campus Academic Programming and Delivery Division (APAD) Dr Gary Hepburn.

Remarks were also made by Mr Lincoln Williams, the Director of the Open Campus’s Consortium for Social Development and Research (CSDR) who spoke of the significance of the new programmes to Caribbean development.

Scheduled to commence in September, a total of three programmes will be offered.

The programmes are a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education and Family Studies, a Bachelor of Science degree in Youth Development Work, while the third is a Master’s degree in English Language.

Meanwhile, Head of the UWI Open Campus, Deborah Dalrymple, St Vincent, told SEARCHLIGHT that this is a perfect opportunity for Vincentians to take advantage of the online programmes that are being offered at a cost of EC$810.

According to Dalrymple, the cost covers all materials affiliated with the individual programmes.

Dalrymple also said that that it is critical for Vincentians to take advantage of the online programmes.

She explained that although there are persons who may have received training in the before mentioned areas, this is an opportunity for persons to validate or step up their credentials in the field of work they are involved.

“…You coming to the Open Campus. It’s the fourth campus of the University of the West Indies, so whatever credentials you get at the Open Campus, it’s a university qualification,” she added.

With seven more months before the programmes are officially available, Dalrymple has revealed that persons have already begun signing up for the Bachelor of Science in Youth Development Work.

Interested persons are asked to visit the UWI Open Campus at Richmond Hill for or log on to www.open.uwi.edu/prorammes to for more information concerning these upcoming programmes.