Karib Cable educates  students about their laptops
February 10, 2012
Karib Cable educates students about their laptops

Karib Cable, St Vincent and the Grenadines’ only triple telecommunication provider of Premium Cable TV, Fiber Optic Internet and Fixed Line, last Tuesday shared their knowledge of information technology with pupils of grade 6{{more}} at the Kingstown Government school in Stoney Ground. Karib Cable Employees Andrew Arrindell and Gamal Andrews taught the students basic computer skills and how to care for their government issued Net books at home and at school.

Maureen Brackin, Headteacher of the school, showed appreciation to Karib Cable for the visit and stated: “This week the Kingstown Government School will be celebrating its reading extravaganza under the theme Effective Communication. To mark this, we invited Karib Cable to share their IT knowledge and skills with students of Grade 6.”

She continued: “We are appreciative and extend sincere thanks to Karib Cable for their effort, and for the time they put aside to teach my students how best to utilize their net books both here in school and when they get home.”

Vance Garraway, Marketing Executive at Karib Cable, stated: “Being the leading Internet provider here in SVG, we at Karib cable have long since recognized the ever-increasing role of technology here in SVG. We are hoping that the skills we have shared here today with the students of the Kingstown Government School can be used to help further enhance their IT education now and in the future.”

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