Christ is the Answer Evangelistic Centre sets up IT lab
January 20, 2012
Christ is the Answer Evangelistic Centre sets up IT lab

The Christ is the Answer Evangelistic Centre on Union Island is perhaps the first church in St Vincent and the Grenadines to establish a computer laboratory and launch a certified Information Communication Technology (ICT) training initiative for its members and community.{{more}}

This ICT initiative started in September 2011 with the refurbishing of the lower flat of the church and the installation of four computers. The church was then ready to take in its first batch of students. Since its commencement, the programme has proven itself to be successful. Just recently, Junior Kelly, Yvette Pierre, Normalyn Adams, Ruby McIntosh, Edna Jones, Lereen Jack, Reno Mason and Konica Williams received their certificates in Introduction to Computers issued by the National Centre of Technological Innovation.

The Introduction to Computers course was delivered to the students via projected slides, and utilizing other modern teaching techniques. Classes are designed for ages 9 to 99 and comprise 4 modules: Computer Basics, Introduction to the Desktop, World Wide Web and Email.

Pastor Ivy Skeete related how it all started. “The ICT Initiative came about as a result of the interest to empower the church members and community in the basic knowledge of ICT, which can boost confidence, be a plus on a resume and also reduce social ills like poverty and crime.”

Skeete further stated: “We got contributions from local businesses, hence managed to make the programme possible and also free of charge to the students. The programme itself was geared for persons of all ages, and I would like to thank the tutor Stanton Gomes for his patience that he showed towards the students.”

When asked about future plans for the laboratory, Skeete stated that advanced courses are being considered, and there are also plans to establish a reading and research corner and make it available for the community. However, having access to the Internet would greatly enhance the research component and is thus appealing for assistance from the Internet service providers on the island for their assistance in this area.

At the recently held graduation during a regular Sunday church service, one of the graduates, Yvette Pierre, thanked the church for providing such beneficial training.

She stated: “I did not know anything about the computer. I was afraid of touching it, fearing I would break something. Now I can use the computer and browse the Internet and send emails. It’s never too old to learn.” She also thanked the tutor for his patience and encouragement to complete the course.

In 2010, over thirty residents on Union Island were trained and received their International Computer Driving License (ICDL) during the Government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines ICT project financed by the European Union STABEX 1994 Funds.(SG)