SVG Girl Guide Association donates to Salvation Army
January 6, 2012
SVG Girl Guide Association donates to Salvation Army

The St Vincent and the Grenadines Girl Guide Association handed over $2,500 to the Salvation Army Tuesday, January 3, 2012.{{more}}

The money was realized from the ‘Christmas Village’ held on December 19, 2011, at the Girl Guide Headquarters in Kingstown.

The event, held under the theme ‘Christmas through the Years’ was held with the intention of raising funds for the Salvation Army’s Kettle Appeal.

And, according to President of the SVG Girl Guide Association, Rene Baptiste, the organizers are pleased that it was able to meet its target.

She noted that the activity was “part of the objectives of the Association” to lead by example and to teach members the value of charity work.

Meanwhile Major Pierre Antoine said that the monetary contribution will go towards the purchase of dry goods which will be distributed to needy persons in the community.

“I am so delighted to receive the contribution and I am sure that it will do a lot and create an impact in the lives of those who are in most need of it,” Major Antoine said.

He did note that the 2011 Kettle Appeal was not as successful as expected, as the Salvation Army did not meet its mark of 1,000 food baskets for distribution.

According to Antoine, the number realized for 2011 was only 700.

But he still acknowledged the hard work put in by members of the SVG Girl Guide Association.

“We do hope to work with them (Guides) to make the Christmas Kettle Appeal a success,” he said, adding that the work is great, but that he was grateful for the support. (DD)