Caesar – It was a quiet and peaceful Christmas season
December 30, 2011
Caesar – It was a quiet and peaceful Christmas season

Head of the Criminal Investigations Department, Assistant Superintendent of Police Willisford Caesar, has described this year’s Christmas season as a peaceful one.{{more}}

On Wednesday this week, Caesar said the decrease in reported crimes throughout the country is as a result of the deployment of policemen in and around Kingstown.

“This season was relatively quiet. We knew of all the hotpsots, and with all the robberies that were occurring, we knew where to place the men (police officers),” Caesar said.

Some of these hotspots Caesar referred to were: The St Vincent Grammar School area, The Post Office, Rose Place and Edinboro.

He noted that a mobile unit was set up in Edinboro, and even recruits at the Old Montrose training school were deployed on the streets to ensure persons’ safety.

Caesar said there were no serious reports made to the CID over the past weekend and believes the heightened police presence on the streets attributed significantly to that.

He said there were only a few reports of assault and bodily harm and small thefts.

Caesar said just last week they were able to deal with some of the jewellry thefts that have been occurring recently.

He mentioned that a Venezuelan national and two local men were picked up in relation to jewellery that had been reported stolen.

He said the men were exchanging the gold for money.

“We have been able to recover a lot of jewellery and some persons have already come in to claim them. I am urging persons to come in and take a look to see if any of the jewellery might belong to them,” he beseeched.

“The public was really good to me and the entire police organisation this year. I want to thank them them again for assisting the police. I would like to wish them a prosperous 2012 and want to let them know that we love them,” Caesar said.