Woman wins Home Makeover
November 25, 2011

Woman wins Home Makeover

Long time customer of Furniture and Appliance giant Courts Cornelia Ollivierre can hardly wait to see the outcome of her home makeover.{{more}}

The Campden Park mother of four is excited and eager, after being told that she is the winner of the company’s Whirlpool Dream Home Makeover promotion, to the tune of $25,000.

She is looking forward to seeing what will be the final outcome.

“It feels good to win something. I never expected to win anything.”

Ollivierre said that she is particularly excited to see how the kitchen, which she says needs some new cupboards, is going to look at the end of the makeover.

She also intends to have the living room tiled, and another room in the house, yet to be determined, remodeled.

The most exciting part of the process said Ollivierre, is choosing the furniture and appliances that she will adorn her home with after the transformation.

Ollivierre, who purchased a Whirlpool washing machine to become eligible for the September 25 to November 12 promotion, will be selecting from other top brands storewide at already affordable prices.

Shopping at Courts for decades, Ollivierre said that she intends to continue shopping at the premier store for all her furniture and appliances needs.

“This encourages me more to shop here at Courts,” Ollivierre said.

Meanwhile, Marketing Executive of Courts Alexis John said that his company’s focus is always to give its customers real rewards, and that Courts is extremely happy to have partnered with the Whilrpool brand on the latest initiative.

He thanked the customers who participated in the promotion, and encouraged them to continue to show their loyalty to the store and participate in other rewarding promotions.