Salvation Army kettle appeal – Give a little this Christmas
November 15, 2011

Salvation Army kettle appeal – Give a little this Christmas

Vincentians have been encouraged to give generously to the Salvation Army this Christmas, to support the organization’s efforts to assist needy families across the country.{{more}}

The Salvation Army launched its annual Christmas Kettle Appeal on Friday, November 11, 2011, at the Ministerial Building in Kingstown. The theme of the kettle appeal this year is “Need has no season.”

Giving the feature address, Minister of Ecclesiastical Affairs Maxwell Charles congratulated the Salvation Army on its various acts of benevolence, not only during Christmas, but all year round.

Referring to the story of Jesus feeding 5,000 in the New Testament of the Bible, Charles noted that the church must not only take care of the spiritual man, but the physical man as well.

Charles added that giving comes about as a result of love.

“You can give without loving, but you cannot love without giving,” he stated. He also encouraged Vincentians to give generously during this Christmas season, and to put away selfishness, so that persons in need will benefit.

“I urge all the peoples of St.. Vincent and the Grenadines today, as we approach the Christmas season, to put away selfishness. I know that we are living in a harsh economic time. We are seeing it and we are feeling it. Not only in St. Vincent, but throughout the entire world. And I know that you may not be able to give as you gave maybe twenty years ago, but whatever it is, I urge you to make a sacrifice so that some little boy, some little girl, some old person, some poor person may spend a better Christmas,” Charles said.

He further encouraged persons to follow the example of Christ who, out of love, gave His life in order for the world to be saved. Charles further noted that love not only affects the recipient, but the donor as well.

“You see, love for others brings joy, love for others brings peace, love for others brings gladness, love for others brings satisfaction to you and the recipient will always be grateful for these acts of benevolence,” Charles said.

The opening ceremony also featured renditions of Christmas Carols by Major Persha Antoine and Deacon Victor Peters and pre-schoolers from several schools in and around Kingstown. Guests at the ceremony and passers-by also took the opportunity to place their donations in the Salvation Army’s signature red kettle.(OS)