Sir James’ sister killed in St. Lucia
October 21, 2011

Sir James’ sister killed in St. Lucia

The only sister of former Prime Minister Sir James Mitchell died tragically in St. Lucia over the last weekend.{{more}}

Gloria Mitchell Greenwood, 79, was found dead, lying in the garden of her home at ‘Top-of-the-World’ or Glasgow Hill, Marisule, by a friend.

Police reported that Greenwood, a widow, was found at about 9:30 Sunday morning. She was pronounced dead on the scene by a medical doctor.

The Voice newspaper of St. Lucia reported on Tuesday that Trevor Constantine, Police Press Relations Officer, said that there were marks of violence on her body and that while a motive for her death is yet to be established, a quantity of items were reported missing from her home.

Gros Islet police are investigating, and although they have yet to reveal the cause of death, The Voice newspaper has reported that there is evidence to suggest that she was hit on the head by a blunt instrument.

Greenwood’s silver grey Chevrolet Cruise, which was missing from the home when her body was discovered, was found a few days later. The car had been sprayed a different colour overnight, SEARCHLIGHT has been informed.

St. Lucia police have arrested two men, both of whom had worked for Greenwood as gardeners. During the police chase, one of the suspects was shot. He is now hospitalized.

Greenwood was an avid gardener, and her brother, Sir James, told SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday that each year, she organized the participation of St. Lucia in the Chelsea Flower Show, which is held annually by the Royal Horticultural Society on the grounds of the Royal Hospital Chelsea in Chelsea, London.

“She arranged always for St. Lucia to participate in anything to do with flowers overseas,” Sir James said.

It is believed that Greenwood, who had only returned to St. Lucia from England two weeks ago, was killed shortly after dusk last Saturday afternoon, in the garden she loved.

Greenwood was born in Bequia, the second of four children born to Captain Reginald Mitchell and his wife Lois Mitchell nee Gooding; the first child being Sir James.

Captain Reginald Mitchell perished in the Bermuda Triangle in January 1940 on his 165 ft boat the “Gloria Colita”, which was named after his only daughter.

After Captain Mitchell died, his widow Lois married Alfred Baynes of St. Lucia and moved to that country. Her four children, James, Gloria, Reginald (deceased) and George remained in Bequia with their paternal grandmother, Sarah Mitchell nee Ollivierre. When grandmother Sarah died, the Baynes took the three younger children to St. Lucia and left James in St. Vincent, where he was attending the St. Vincent Grammar School.

“So, she grew up mainly in St. Lucia, married an Englishman (John Greenwood), the manager of Barclays Bank in St. Vincent and St. Lucia,”

Sir James told SEARCHLIGHT.

He said Gloria attended the St. Vincent Girls’ High School for about one year when her step-father was transferred to St. Vincent as Comptroller of Supplies during the war.

Sir James said on retirement of her husband John, Greenwood spent much of their time in England, where her two daughters and grandchildren reside, and she was thinking of selling her house in St. Lucia and joining her family in England.

“How can you really accommodate death by that kind of activity? She was in reasonable health, a little complaint here and there,” Sir James lamented.

The funeral service of Gloria Mitchell Greenwood will be held in St. Lucia on Monday, October 24, and will be attended by Sir James and his daughter Louise Mitchell Joseph, as well as Greenwood’s daughters Anne and Gillian and her grandchildren Sarah and Mark.

Greenwood’s death brings to 43 the number of homicides recorded in St. Lucia so far for the year.