October 14, 2011
Committee established to prepare regional standard for wheat flour

The St. Vincent and the Grenadines Bureau of Standards (SVGBS) has established a national technical committee to work on the preparation of a CARICOM Standard for Wheat Flour.{{more}}

The preparation of this regional standard has been assigned by the CARICOM Regional Organization for Standards and Quality, CROSQ. The CROSQ is the regional organ of CARICOM that has the responsibility to prepare and facilitate the harmonization of regional standards in the Community, with the aim of facilitating trade, supporting the establishment of the CSME as well as to promote international competitiveness and the sustainable production of goods and services.

The technical committee held its first meeting on Wednesday, October 5, 2011, at the Telecommunications Department. The committee is expected to develop this regional standard in order to protect the health of consumers by ensuring that the wheat flour used by consumers is safe and fit for purpose with respect to composition quality factors, nutrients, vitamins, additives, technological aids, hygiene, packaging, labelling etc.

The members of the committee are: Ellison Clarke, Director of Industry in the Ministry of Tourism and Industry; Clarence Harry, Director of Trade, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade; Collin Ollivierre, Consumer Officer, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade; Ken Stoddard, Manager, Nature’s Best Bakery; Nigel Greaves, Director, Sunrise Bakery and Supermarket; Shanta Burke, Quality Assurance Officer, ECGC; Andrea Robin, Nutritionist, Ministry of Health. (Alternate – Joyce Burgin); Ingrid Robinson, President, SVG Home Economics Association; Wendell Browne, Customs and Excise, (Alternate – Brian Alexander); Wendy Michael, Home Farm Management Unit, Ministry of Agriculture; Junior Bacchus, President, SVG Consumers Association; Ezra D. Ledger, Executive Director, SVGBS; Jennifer Douglas-Bullock, Standards Officer I, SVGBS.

The Committee’s chairperson is Ellison Clarke, and Jennifer Douglas-Bullock is the Technical Secretary.