Bickles rebrands
October 14, 2011
Bickles rebrands

The pursuit of excellence is one of the key factors leading to the rebranding of local fast food chain Bickles.{{more}}

Earlier this week, customers were exposed to the restaurant’s new look and beefed up menu, and were treated to samples of the items that were added to the line up of delicacies currently available at the company’s Halifax and Melville Street locations.

On Tuesday, October 11, Managing Director Vilette Browne, in a press conference at the main store on Melville Street, said that in response to their customers’ demands in services, Bickles, which began operations in 2007, had extended its service line to provide lunches, soups, and other products.

She indicated that the extended line and new look are part of continued research, with a wide range of items available throughout the day.

“Our local cuisine offering includes conch soup, fried shark served with coconut bake…. and our dessert line will tempt you as we offer our delectable donuts and mouth watering muffins.”

Our donuts are attractively designed with flavors that include chocolate, glazed with or without sprinkles, butterscotch nut, jelly filled strawberry, pineapple or Bavarian crème….”

Brown also stated that there will also be close to 20 flavours in the muffins available for selection, including those made from local fruits.

According to Browne, the rebranded restaurant will now serve dinners, which will include grilled fish, chicken or pork, served with a choice of potato or festival and a garden salad.

She also indicated that the restaurant will now close at 8:00 pm on evenings.

Apart from the new look menu, Browne announced that the logo and uniform have been changed to convey the company’s new perspective.

“When customers look at our existing logo, they see front of mind that Bickles means patties. We now say to our customers, when you see us now, envision patties and much more. Bickles now means a delicious and affordable meal, whether breakfast, lunch or dinner or dessert,” Browne stated.

During her presentation, she thanked all who have been instrumental in the restaurant’s success from a personal and professional standpoint, including God, her family, the customers, staff, Board of Directors, and those behind the new product line, and promised to continue to provide the service that has brought the company its accolades, which includes the 2009 Chamber of Industry and Commerce Excellence in Customer Service award.

“Where we have our challenges, our excellent management team responds quickly whenever the opportunity is given to us to address any slip ups in our service; and we ask you to continue supporting our staff as they strive to give you excellent service.”

“Now we are on our second leg to work assiduously to ensure that when given the opportunity we will be voted not just for excellence in customer service, but for excellence in the variety and the quality of products offered within the food industry in St. Vincent.”(JJ)