Open invitation granted to the Vincentian public to tour Buccament Bay Resort
October 11, 2011
Open invitation granted to the Vincentian public to tour Buccament Bay Resort

Vincentians are being invited to get a first hand look at what’s taking place at the Buccament Bay Resort.{{more}}

The invitation was extended by Regional Security Director of Harlequin Hotels and Resorts Cliff Jones, as he made an effort to change the perception of what is happening and what developers are trying to portray at the resort.

“There is an open invitation, any day, as long as hundreds of people don’t turn up all at once, because we have guests here; but small groups, let’s say 8-10 people turn up, we will give them a guided tour throughout the resort.”

Jones said that the initiative developed following a meeting with members of the community, Harlequin officials and Area Representative Maxwell Charles about two months ago, when concerns were raised about the resort.

“We had the issue about what they perceive to happen and what we are trying to portray here.

People go to the beach and they go to the mountains to hunt and no one had been over here to look around; so we gave them a guided tour and once they realized what’s here, they become quite proud of what’s happening here.

According to Jones, developers are in the process of promoting a number of exclusive amenities available at the resort, which include sporting academies of the Liverpool football club and Wimbledon tennis winner Pat Cash.

Commenting on the various rifts that have developed between developers and community members since the multi-million dollar project got started, Jones says that he knows that there is goodwill on both sides.

“At the end of the day, we are not going anywhere; we’re here to stay. We try to do as much as we can to help people; its not that we don’t help, it’s that sometimes it would be nice if they ask us.”(JJ)