October 11, 2011
Five Education Officers complete School Supervision course funded by UNESCO

Five education officers have recently completed a course on “Reforming School Supervision for Quality Improvement”.{{more}}

The course, which was conducted over an eight-week period, was made possible through funding from UNESCO, in collaboration with one of its universities – International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP).

The course, which was designed for senior staff within the Ministry of Education, saw all five education officials excel in the Distance Education course, a release from the Ministry of Education said.

“The officers are now more aware of new reform strategies which can turn the supervision in education into a genuine tool for quality improvement. Additionally, they are now more equipped to employ these strategies to help reform their organizations; manage the services that are entrusted to them and reassess the interaction between schools and the community,” the release said.

“The Ministry of Education is extremely grateful to UNESCO for assisting its officers, who will ultimately have responsibility for taking the sector forward under the next phase of the Education Sector Development Plan (ESDP). Moreover, the training came at a time when the Ministry is working on one of its newest initiatives, “Improvement of Education through the USE of ICT”. Continued training of management will ensure proper implementation of policies and quality outcomes throughout the education sector.”

“The National Commission for UNESCO and the Ministry of Education is truly pleased to have provided this exposure to our ambitious educators. UNESCO stands committed to lend unwavering additional support. CONGRATULATIONS!”