October 11, 2011
Bring the information to us, says COP Miller

Commissioner of Police Keith Miller has sent out a call to persons withholding information about homicides, to come in and talk to the police.{{more}}

“Bring the information to us, so we can get these perpetrators before the courts, so that justice can have its place,” Miller beseeched.

He was at the time addressing persons at the Wesleyan Holiness Church in Campden Park on Sunday, October 9, at a Peace Rally put on by the National Commission on Crime Prevention (NCCP).

With 18 recorded homicides so far for the year, Miller said they have been able to solve 11 of those matters.

“If you are sitting there and hearing me and you have information leading to the arrest of these perpetrators, I am awaiting that information. Bring it to us; if you feel apprehensive that you can’t trust Mrs A or B, I am sure there is someone out there who you can trust and give that information.”(KW)