October 7, 2011
Lions Club South Impromptu Speech entertaining

Greedy Bus drivers, Scooby Doo Snacks and Frog Cries were just some of the highlights of the Impromptu Speech segment at the Zone one preliminaries of the Lions Club South Public Speaking competition, which took place at the Peace Memorial Hall on Tuesday, October 4, 2011.{{more}} The Impromptu segment, which usually is the most entertaining, saw students deliver speeches not exceeding two minutes, based on randomly chosen topics.

Student of the Thomas Saunders Secondary, the vibrant and expressive Tameka Cuffy, speaking on the topic “Bus Fares”, lashed out at “greedy bus drivers”, who were inflicting high bus fares on “poor black people”. Cuffy, singling out Chateaubelair buses, which charge $8.00 from Chateaubelair to Kingstown, stated that they were ‘wicked’.Now, I think if we all have a heart, we will lower the bus fares, especially for people on the further end of the country,” Cuffy said, wrapping up her presentation and throwing the already enthused audience into a fit of laughter.

Girls’ High School student Kayla Barrett, demurely explained her love for Scooby Doo, responding to her topic question “What is your favorite animal character?”. She described the cartoon character as a trustworthy friend, who helped solved mysteries along with his best friend Shaggy and ‘the crew.’ She also highlighted Scooby Doo’s raving appetite and his love for Scooby Doo snacks.

Expressing her pride in the first black President of the United States, Narrissa Bennett of the St. Clair Dacon Secondary easily answered her topic question “What are three things you would love to tell Barack Obama.” She answered that she would congratulate him on his election to office, thank him for being her inspiration “because he has showed us that no matter what race we are, we can pursue any goals we have in life.” She wrapped up with a request for the President to ‘send for me’ as she had never been to the United States.

Expressing her dislike of sirens was Alisa Primus of the Dr. J.P. Eustace Secondary School. Primus noted that sirens were “loud, wailing” sounds that emanated from ambulances or police vehicles during emergencies. She added that she gets scared when she hears them, as she thinks that police are rushing to a raid or to capture a run away convict, and she is alerted to get out of the way.

Bishop’s College student Dillon Hamilton incorporated humor into his seemingly challenging topic “Crappo say what is joke for you is death for me,” describing the way a frog cries during his brief speech.

The premilinary round of the competition is divided into four Zones and includes the participation of several schools across the country. The Finals of the Lions Club Secondary Schools’ Public Speaking competition will take place on Thursday, October 20, 2011, at the Methodist Church Hall in Kingstown.(OS)