October 7, 2011
Large turnout for slain elderly widow

Despite heavy showers, hundreds turned out for the funeral of slain elderly Fitzhughes widow Marion John.{{more}}

The service took place at the Faith and Life Pentecostal church, with Pastor Carlton Edwards officiating to a sombre standing room only congregation, with hundreds more outside and lining the road all the way to the Fitzhughes cemetery.

Marion John was found dead in her Cacartha home by neighbours last week Sunday morning after she was not seen sweeping her yard as usual.

The post mortem has revealed that she died as a result of blunt trauma to the head. A suspect was arrested. However, he has since been released, and many are wondering about the possible outcome of the investigation, and are also calling for justice for Marion John. Some persons were quite vocal at the funeral.

Clem Derrick, Justice of Peace and chairman of the North Leeward Tourism Association (NLTA), told SEARCHLIGHT that a march and candlelight vigil will be held next Saturday afternoon in memory of Marion John.

Derrick said that the community should use the opportunity to highlight issues affecting the elderly, including their physical, emotional and economic security. Derrick, a retired social worker from the UK, said that he is especially looking forward to seeing the young men at the event, as the absence of positive male role models is one problem affecting the communities.

Derrick also said that the generation gap needs to be bridged and that the young people should pay more attention to the older folks by visiting, doing chores and reading for them, as they would gain valuable knowledge in return.

“Old is a stage where almost everyone will be someday, so it’s appropriate for the younger generations to protect the old, so that they in turn will gain protection when they are old,” Derrick said.

Persons wishing to attend the March and vigil should start gathering around 2:00 pm at Mission Corner in Chateaubelair on Saturday. (TY)