October 7, 2011
Former SVG goalkeeper says he was denied justice

Former national goal keeper Osmond Dennie feels that he has been denied justice.

Dennie, commonly known as “Ossy”, is a resident of Trigger Ridge, Redemption Sharpes, and last stood in the nets for Vincy Heat five years ago.{{more}}

On Friday, September 30, Dennie visited SEARCHLIGHT to express his dissatisfaction with a case he had before the court.

Dennie said that on December 23, 2010, he was at home relaxing, when his wife complained that a number of guys would bother her whenever she passed them on the street.

He said following the conversation with his wife, he went to a nearby shop to put credit on his phone. This is where he met one of the guys who, according to him, “used to trouble his wife.”

“I know the guy good and I ask why he following the others and he is the oldest one?”

“He turn to me and use a big word I don’t understand, but the way he said it, it sounded like an insult. Then this other guy buy over the conversation and I told him, you don’t live down here, why you coming around here causing confusion for?”

“He grabbed my shirt and we started wrestling and my shirt tear. He then run in a yard, picked up a cutlass and run back up the road when my back was turned away from him. Then I hear my mother say, ‘Wha dey’. When I turn around, he try to chop me, but I scuffle him up, so he couldn’t chop me, and we were still wrestling, while he had the cutlass in his hand,” Dennie told SEARCHLIGHT.

The former goal keeper, however, alleges that during the struggle, his opponent still managed to chop him on his knee.

“I fell on the ground and couldn’t move. My wife run out the road and while he was on the ground, she put her foot on his hand that the cutlass was in, and took it away. My brother then came by and was going to hit him, but I told him not to lash him. After that happen, he get up and he run,” he added.

Dennie said that following the incident, he was taken to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital, where he had surgery on his knee, which was badly wounded.

“I now have to pay EC$400 for the surgery and the time I stayed at the hospital, plus other medical expenses. But because my knee is still paining me at times and can hardly move about like I used to, I can’t even go to work,” a frustrated Dennie said.

The father of three further noted that the incident was reported to the police.

“I done give a statement to the police,” he added.

According the Dennie, the matter was taken to Court, but was adjourned twice, before it was finally called last Friday.

“The case was called three times and I been there for the three. The first two times, they adjourned it and today (Friday, September 30), they dismissed it.

“I didn’t even get a chance to say my side of the story, but he done talk and now they dismiss the case,” Dennie explained.

The former national goal keeper said that he is very upset because now it seems that he is not going to get any compensation for what he considers a crime committed against him.

Prosecutor at the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court, Inspector Glenford Gregg, confirmed to SEARCHLIGHT that “the case was struck out.” He, however, did not disclose the reasons. (AA)