October 4, 2011
More than 300 supporters attend ULP’s National Council meeting

The Peace Memorial Hall was a hive of activity as delegates and members of the Unity Labour Party gathered last week for the party’s quarterly National Council meeting.{{more}}

More than 300 party faithful assembled at the September 27 meeting, in a show of solidarity for the leadership of the party, ahead of the national convention scheduled for Sunday, November 27.

Persons taking the floor during the open microphone session offered words of advice, encouragement, gratitude and voiced their concerns, as they rallied the leaders and one another to be vigilant, as they continued to move forward towards a fourth term in office.

The Council was reminded that the proverbial honeymoon was over and a special call was made for the youth groups to be active in their constituencies.

Parliamentary representatives and constituency caretakers were also encouraged to be more visible in their constituencies.

Prime Minister and Political Leader Dr. Ralph Gonsalves was heralded for his leadership over the past ten years as the party edges towards its first anniversary of its third term in office.

Gonsalves was lauded for his September 19 address to the United Nations General Assembly in New York, as well as his presentation at a town hall meeting there.

A special resolution, congratulating the Prime Minister for his representation of St. Vincent and the Grenadines at the United Nations, was raised during the meeting.

The Prime Minister, speaking at the meeting, vowed to continue offering top quality leadership to the party followers.(JJ)