October 4, 2011
8-year-old badly beaten by relative

Aull Browne is appealing to a relative of his to leave his family alone.{{more}}

Last Friday, Browne told Searchlight that the relative of his is responsible for the injuries of his eight-year-old son.

Browne, a resident of Lowmans Windward, said his son was hospitalized early on Thursday, September 29.

Browne said that on Wednesday night, a man brought his battered and bruised son home. He said the boy was unable to walk and had a swollen and bruised eye.

According to Browne, the man said that he heard wailing coming from a nearby gutter. On investigation, he saw that it was Browne’s son who was in the gutter. He then took him out and brought him to his father.

Browne stated that earlier that day, his brother’s daughter had wanted to visit a relative in Sandy Bay and had asked his son to accompany her. Browne said that while at a gas station in Lowmans, the man who he said beat his son, met the children and ‘planned’ his son.

Browne said when he saw his son that night, just some minutes before nine o clock, the boy had several injuries.

“Well, he been cyar walk and he face been swell up an thing. He face still swell, all now at the hospital he face still swell…” Browne said.

He then took his son to the Biabou police station, where he said he was told to take him to the hospital. He then took him back home, carrying him on his back, Browne said.

From his hospital bed on Friday, the lad timidly described how he was beaten about his body on his legs and abdomen.

Browne said this is not the first time that the male relative has assaulted members of his family, as a few years ago he chopped his (Browne’s) wife.

Browne added that he has also made threats to kill his family. Browne said despite reports made to the police for over two years now, nothing has been done.

He pleaded with his relative to leave his family alone.

“Me want somebody to come tell him leave me alone…because me nah trouble him…Biabou police nar do that none tal dem nar come until they hear thing don happen,” Browne said.

Up to press time, yesterday, Biabou police were unable to confirm that a report had been made by Aull Browne.(OS)