September 30, 2011
Woman claims she is getting death threats

A 67-year-old female of Green Hill is living in fear following death threats from her neighbour.{{more}}

Roberta Samuel, commonly known as ‘Tiny’, told SEARCHLIGHT on Monday, September 26, that a young man who resides in her neighbourhood told her on Saturday September 24, that he will “kill her”.

According to the mother of one, the youth’s threat came after being confronted about a stolen fowl.

“I tell him to bring back my fowl that he thief out me yard and he mother even tell him to give me back.

“I tell him let go my fowl, and he say ‘don’t call my name else I will kill you and when I done kill you, I will wash off the blood off the knife in the river’,” the scared elderly woman explained.

Tiny further stated that the bad blood between her and the man has its origins more than two years ago.

She said that because of the close proximity between of the houses, her neighbour would often walk in her yard and even pelt her home with stones.

Samuel also mentioned that even though she has made complaints to the youngster’s family, he still continues with his obstructive actions. “He always stoning my house ,and he even break one my window already. Then one time he came in my yard and stole my nice little cat off the step,” the distressed lady said.

She, however, noted that police arrested the young man for stoning her home and stealing the cat.

“I went to the police again Saturday when he tell me he will kill me, but no one came. Then I went back to tell them again and called on Sunday, and still they ain’t come for him yet and I am scared,” she added.

“I have one daughter and she lives overseas and I have no one else,” Samuel said, when asked if there is anyone to keep her company during this time. (AA)