September 27, 2011
Woman claims jealous boyfriend slashed her throat

Silma Phillips, a 48-year-old unemployed woman of Georgetown, believes that her common-law husband slashed her throat with a knife because he thought she was having an affair.{{more}}

On Saturday, September 24, at about 4:30 p.m. in Hamilton, Bequia, Phillips’ attacker pushed her to the ground, smashed her phone and cut her throat with a pocket knife, after she refused to go with him “down the road.”

When SEARCHLIGHT visited the heavily bandaged woman at the female surgical ward at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital yesterday, Phillips said she was with a group of people drinking, when her attacker came to where they were, and began drinking too.

“After we done drink, I been by ah friend and he tell me, leh we go down de road and my friend dem tell me ‘Don’t go with he, because he looks like ah killer,’” Phillips explained.

She said the man then threatened to kill her if she did not go with him.

“He had ah small penknife in his pocket and when me get up fo carry some CD inside, he run behind me and pull me down and me and he drop pon de ground and he cut me ah me throat…,” recounted the woman, who was visibly wincing in pain.

Phillips said she ran into the house and it was Eva Patterson, 43, who told him to get out. He then also cut Patterson across her throat with the knife. She said he chased her to one of the bedrooms and Patterson’s boyfriend took the knife away and chased Phillips’ attacker out of the house.

Phillips said before her attack, her boyfriend told her she was with one of the men with whom she was drinking.

“He come and meet me with some of the guys drinking and he come tell me that I haffi dey with one ah them,” she said.

She also explained that it was not the first time that her attacker had abused her. She said he had slapped her once in Canouan, causing her lip to burst.

“Me ah take him to court; he put me pon hospital bed, something way no other man never do. Me dey with man, leave them already and none ah them never do me that, so that is why I have to tek him to court,” Phillips said firmly.

Patterson was more fortunate. She was treated and discharged from the Port Elizabeth Hospital.

According to police, Leonard Peters of Dickson/Bequia is currently assisting with their investigations into the matter. (KW)