September 27, 2011
ULP to hold quarterly meeting later today

More than two hundred members of the Unity Labour Party (ULP) are expected to converge at the Peace Memorial Hall later today, for a quarterly meeting of the Nation Council.{{more}}

The meeting, which takes place three times per year, will be held today, Septemer 27, beginning at 5:00 pm.

General Secretary of the ULP Julian Francis, speaking on Star FM last week, said that the meeting will consist of all the delegates for all 15 constituencies and all officers of the party; usually about 230 persons.

“We have 15 representatives, 15 delegates from each constituency, two from the youth arm, two from the women’s arm, and two from each affiliate bodies.”

“Naturally, that doesn’t stop any other persons from coming, because when we do our head count at these National Councils, we sometimes go over 400; one time as much as 600 persons were at a National Council Meeting.”

The National Council is the second highest body in the party, which runs the general administration of the party in between meeting of the annual National Convention.(JJ)