September 27, 2011
Chance says that the attack on him was an act of revenge

Walvaroo resident Troy Chance is lucky to have another chance at life, after he was shot in his lower back on Sunday, September 25, at Walvaroo, Sion Hill.{{more}}

Chance, 21, now a patient at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital, believes his attacker made good on a threat, following an altercation some months ago.

“Is ah revenge thing really. Me and he been get in ah ting sometime ago and them say even if it tek 20 to 40 years to get back revenge, that is what they going do…,” Chance told SEARCHLIGHT yesterday, from his bed at the male surgical ward.

Chance recounted that he was coming from a shop where he usually hangs out every Sunday.

On his way home, Chance said he was passing close to his grandmother’s gate,when something told him to look around. “I look down and I saw a particular person and then I didn’t take it for anything, so I kept on walking…When I look round I saw the person with a gun, so I started to run and that is how I got shot in my back,” said Chance, who showed signs of being in pain as he tried pulling himself to an almost sitting position.

Chance, who did not want to be photographed, said he knows his attacker and stated that they both have a matter pending before the court.

“When the first incident happen, them been the first to attack me and I just defended myself,” Chance explained.

He noted that he has made several reports to the police in the past about threats made to him, but noted that the police told him that they could only warn the person until something actually happens.

Chance’s mother, Patricia Chance, recalled being at her home on Sunday night when she heard the gunshot.

“When I hear the shot, my mind immediately ran on him and I called his (Troy’s) brother to ask him if he know where he was…,” Chance related.

A short while after, Chance said she saw her son bleeding in the road. He was then taken to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital.

At press time, police told SEARCHLIGHT they know who Chance’s alleged attacker is and they are searching for him.(KW)