September 23, 2011
Tough security measures coming for Registry

Stringent security measures will soon be put in place at the Search room of the Registry Department, in an effort to prevent further occurrences of theft of pages and stamps from the deed book there.{{more}}

Attorney General Judith Jones-Morgan made the disclosure on Tuesday, September 20, at the opening of the new law term at the High Court.

Jones-Morgan said she has received correspondence from the Registrar of the High Court, indicating that several reports have been made recently by search clerks that pages and stamps are missing from the book, and are somehow being removed by their colleagues.

“To circumvent the alleged theft, the Registry Department has sought the assistance of Guardsman Security Company to avert further occurrences,” Jones-Morgan stated.

Jones-Morgan said efforts will be made to install security cameras in the search room so that clerks will know that cameras are on them, which will in turn safeguard the documents in the Registry.

Rat infestation of the Registry Department is another problem which was highlighted by the Attorney General. She said when people eat their lunch in the search room, the rat problem gets worse.

“When people eat in the search room, then they feed the rats and we have more trouble with the books…,” Jones-Morgan lamented.

She implored persons at the Registry to treat their place of work as they would their homes. “We are just asking people to use the same principles as in their homes…treat it with some care and attention.”

Jones-Morgan said she regrets the inconvenience clerks have been made to suffer, but noted that drastic times call for drastic action.

The Attorney General also indicated that the search room is now in operation from 8:30 am to 3:45 p.m., so as to better accommodate the public. (KW)