September 23, 2011
ICT Roadshow dubbed a success

Although the recently concluded ICT Roadshow has been dubbed a success, more work still needs to be done.{{more}}

In an interview with SEARCHLIGHT on Monday, Web Editor in the Ministry of Information and Technology, Emma Jackson said looking back at the turn out for this year’s Roadshow, more people are now aware of what the Information Communication Technology (ICT) has to offer, “but there is a lot more work to do.”

“Not everyone came out, but it is the start,” she added.

It was also revealed that there was an evaluation following the completion of the three-day Roadshow. One of the requests from the assessment is for a video that was shown to parents during one of the sessions to be shown publicly, especially in the schools.

The video, according to Jackson, is a short skit demonstrating the positive and negative impact of the Internet.

“One of the things prior to the Roadshow that we were planning on doing was working with the Ministry of Education and going out to the various schools and having talks with the Parent Teacher Associations (PTA). In some cases, the school population, and speak to them about the benefits as well as the dangers of what the Internet has to offer and utilization of the ICT,” the Web Editor stated.

Jackson said she is aware that the Ministry of Education has done a lot of work with the teachers on how they can utilize ICT with their work. However, her department’s role is to now reach out to the parents.

She told SEARCHLIGHT that ICT department intentions are to execute the awareness campaign throughout the schools, but they are still in discussions.

In conclusion Jackson said there are other topics that they have to work on, as well as highlighting the government service in terms of ICT, “so there is a lot of work that is being done and it is to now go out there and spread the word.”(AA)