September 23, 2011
Get ready for William McDowell

Many have repeated the words to his songs in worship all over the world, and now the man who sang “I give myself away” will be performing live in St Vincent on October 1, 2011, at the Victoria Park.{{more}}

North American native, William McDowell along with his band will perform his hit song along with other worship songs.

In March this year, McDowell’s song soared to the top, entering at Number 1 on the BDS and Mediabase radio charts.

The hit single off of McDowell’s successful 2-CD AS WE WORSHIP: LIVE has not only touched people around the world, but has become a global movement. “I Give Myself Away,” is among the most popular songs of the year; congregations and churches around the world have embraced the unforgettable song that speaks to relinquishing everything to God and to be used as a vessel for Him.

Described as a worship experience, Pastor Caldon Charles of Faith Promotions said in recent times they noticed that there have been a lot of Christians concerts throughout St Vincent and the Grenadines. Charles noted that most of the times, these concerts are just seen as entertainment. “There’s nothing wrong with being entertained, but persons want something more from a gospel concert, So even when it has ended they could still be talking about it,” Charles mention.

He noted that this was discussed with Nigel Blake, also Faith Promotions, and hence the idea to have McDowell perform here was born.

“This is why were are calling it a worship experience. This is not just for young people or mature people. This is a worship experience for everybody, regardless if you are not a Christian. We want you to come and worship in oneness with God…,” Charles added.

Faith Promotions brought to SVG, the Danielle Williams story. Williams, an ex-porn star turned Minister, travelled over the country sharing the dark side of the pornography industry at various churches.

Show time for the McDowell concert is 6:00 pm.(KW)