September 20, 2011
Nanton at his wits’ end about loud music in Sandy Bay

An elderly man of Sandy Bay is at his wits’ end about what to do regarding loud music played by another villager that has been forcing him to sleep at his sister’s home instead of his own.{{more}}

According to Vibert Nanton, 73, the man, who operates a rum shop not too far from his home, has been playing the loud music every Sunday afternoon for about two years, and his repeated complaints to the police have only fallen on deaf ears.

“He will put two big speakers right next to the road facing my house and he will blast music from 2:00 Sunday evening until about 2:30 am on Monday…,” Nanton related.

For about two months now, Nanton said he has not been able to sleep at his home because of the loud noise. After having had surgery on his ear sometime ago, Nanton said even the softest noise triggers headaches.

“The music does affect me head man…I does have to sleep by my sister over Pepper Village…,” he added.

Nanton is perplexed as to why the police are not taking action, and is asking whether the man has “bought out the police” by giving them items so that they would leave him to continue playing the loud music.

“I want something to be done. It has been going on for too long,” Nanton said.

When SEARCHLIGHT contacted the Sandy Bay police, they disclosed that Nanton’s reports had been investigated, but the villager in question was never found to be afoul of the law.(KW)