September 20, 2011
Bacchus Browne files complaint against Francis

Minister of Transport and Works Julian Francis is expected to call a press conference soon to address a complaint brought against him by Lawyer Kay Bacchus Browne.{{more}}

Francis, calling in on to WE FM on Sunday, September 18, 2011, stated that Bacchus Browne has made a complaint, which is being investigated by police. Francis stated that he became aware of the complaint after police contacted him to investigate the complaint.

According to Francis, the complaint states that he has made certain statements against Bacchus Browne.

Francis said that the complaint also says that he (Francis) met Bacchus Browne’s son at a party and approached him and asked young ladies who were with him if they were 16 years of age.

Francis said that Bacchus Browne wrote to the Commissioner of Police Keith Miller to investigate these matters.

“But that is not the worst of it. She copied the letter to the local representative of the Human Rights Association,” Francis said, adding that the letter was also copied to the International Human Rights Association.

“Just to show you the extent to which these people will go to sometimes. Because you are lodging a complaint to the Commissioner of Police, he ain’t even have time to act, you copy already to the Human Rights Association.

So the Human Rights Associations have that on their file. That an outstanding lawyer in St. Vincent is being threatened by a Minister of Government and the Secretary General of the ULP…,” Francis added.

Francis stated that although he has had the letter in his possession for four to five months, he is giving the Commissioner of Police ample time to carry out his investigations.

“If I go and call a press conference now…he (the Commissioner of Police) might say that I am interfering with investigations,” Francis said, further noting that what was stated in the complaint by Bacchus Browne is “total fabrication.”

Francis added that he became aware of the complaint sometime between March and May this year.

When contacted by SEARCHLIGHT yesterday, Bacchus Browne confirmed that a complaint about Francis had indeed been filed with the police.(OS)