Arthur Guinness Day  2011 unveils: Caribbean joins the celebration
September 20, 2011
Arthur Guinness Day 2011 unveils: Caribbean joins the celebration

Guinness will once again unite the Caribbean Community with music and culture, in honour of the life and work of Arthur Guinness, the founder of Guinness®.{{more}} On September 22, Arthur Guinness Day (AGD) will be celebrated in over 13 territories across the region, as musical champions Assassin, I-Octance, and Kes deliver performances to millions of Guinness adorers, simultaneously.

The concert will offer regional fans superb entertainment via live stream at the Official Guinness Caribbean Facebook page. I-Octane is very excited about his performance touching many territories simultaneously. “This is a great thing to see a corporate business investing music. Guinness has been supporting music for a long time in terms of charity and reggae music. So I am very honoured to be a part of Arthur’s Day,” he said.

The regional Celebration is part of the global events being held in tribute to the founding father of Guinness®. Last year’s celebration was well received and sparked requests region-wide for the flagship event to be accessible to all fans of Guinness. In addition to the live stream, the concert will be aired on local television stations in most territories.

Gareth Geddes, Guinness® Regional Brand Manager sees this as a great opportunity for Guinness® loyalists region-wide to unite in music and celebrate the legacy of a visionary and brilliant mind. “Last year we brought Guinness® adorers from the region to Jamaica to celebrate Arthur’s Day™. We heard the markets call for more accessibility to the celebrations and so this year, in addition to the online stream and airing of the concert in local markets mixed with local activities, Guyana will be hosting their own concert on September 23, featuring Mr. Vegas” he said.

The concert will be aired on Synergy TV in Trinidad & Tobago, ZIZTV in St Kitts, ZNS TV in Bahamas, Choice TV in Lucia, CVM TV in Jamaica and Karib Cable TV in Antigua and St. Vincent; as well as multiple TV stations Guyana.

Come September 22, I-Octane along with Assassin and Kes will be featured in the Arthur Day™ Live TV simulcast, giving thousands of Guinness consumers, as well as Guinness® Caribbean Facebook fans, access to the global celebration.