September 16, 2011
Vincentian man stabbed to death in St. Lucia

A family here is still reeling from shock over the stabbing death of their loved one, which took place in St Lucia on Monday, September 12.{{more}}

Information reaching SEARCHLIGHT is that Edmund Murray, 52, fisherman, formerly of Rose Place, was stabbed in the upper part of his body while he was asleep.

A September 13 article in The Voice St. Lucia online stated that police have commenced an investigation to determine the cause of Murray’s death, which took place at Palmiste, Soufriere.

The article stated that at about 1:00 p.m., Murray got involved in an altercation with his girlfriend who allegedly stabbed him in the upper part of his body. He was taken to the Soufriere Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

On Wednesday, Dale John, Murray’s former lover, told SEARCHLIGHT from her home at Rose Place, Kingstown, that she is still trying to come to grips with the news of Murray’s death.

John, who has four children with Murray, said Murray always travelled back and forth between St. Vincent and St. Lucia. She said although Murray has been living in St Lucia for the past 17 years or so, he kept in contact with her and provided for his children. “He used to mind his children and everything. We had a good relationship, although we weren’t together,” John stated.

John said she was sitting with her daughter when the daughter received a telephone call, stating that Murray had been stabbed.

“I took the phone and said hello, hello, and the person say Eddie get stab and he is in critical condition and call him back…,” John recounted.

A distraught John said she returned the telephone call about five minutes later, only to learn that Murray had succumbed to his injuries.

“The person say, yo know he dead and I say, what?…., he was my hand and my foot. I lost my mother five months ago, now I lose my children’s father,” John moaned.

According to John, the father of eight had planned to visit his homeland on Wednesday this week.

“He had already tell the children that he was coming for them so they could spend Christmas with him, but everything just change,” John revealed, as she released a big sigh.

Murray’s daughter, Joleen, said it was too hard to describe how she felt about her father’s death.

It is not certain when his body will be flown to St Vincent for burial.

Murray’s girlfriend is currently in police custody assisting with investigations into the matter.(KW)