September 16, 2011
Leacock tells Sharpes residents to let justice system handle the matter

The discovery of the decaying body of Anthony ‘Brassy’ Nero has left members of the community of Redemption Sharpes in an uproar, with some expressing their anger at the manner in which Nero’s body was found.{{more}}

“It’s sad, but you don’t want to take a bad situation and make it worse by taking the law into your own hands, so I appeal to people to remain calm and be in control at this time.”

Those were the views expressed by Member of Parliament for the area, St. Claire Leacock.

Leacock was at the time conversing with the some of the enraged residents who congregated at the scene of the discovery.

“Like all the villagers who converged here, it is a very sad occasion for Sharpes. This community has been trying to breathe some space for freedom and relief following incident after incident, which do not reflect the good, hard work of the residents of this community. When you have another homicide like this one, it doesn’t do the community any good,” Leacock informed SEARCHLIGHT.

Acknowledging the anger among residents, the MP made the plea for persons to remain calm and let the justice system deal with the situation.

“The people of this area, I know, are very sad about this incident, especially to an individual such as “Brassy” who was very popular among the community. It is not for me or anyone to rush to judgment.

“It is for the justice system to deal with what transpired here. The anger you can understand, but these are times when people have to go into deep thoughts as human beings and perhaps seek counsel and guidance,” Leacock advised.

Those responsible for finding Nero’s body were commended for their persistence in trying to find their fellow community member.

“I want to express that I am glad that the people of the community have found the body because that has been a problem to them,” Leacock added.

Anthony Nero’s body was found at approximately 2:45pm on Tuesday, but was not removed from the sewage hole until sometime past 6:00 that same evening.

Commenting on the efforts of the police officers, Leacock described their actions as commendable, but also expressed his disappointment with the length of time taken to remove Nero’s remains from the hole.

“The fact that they (residents) were here for over two hours, left them crippled as they were unable to do anything, because the officers were awaiting orders from outside and it’s not comforting.

“I really thought that the police high command, that was on the scene, could have contacted the central command unit and advised them of the circumstances and get the locals to assist. The guys here provided help in the first instance by finding the body, and there are persons here with the necessary tools and skills to help move and lift the body from where it was,” the MP stated.

SEARCHLIGHT understands that Nero’s body was removed from the pit with the assistance of community members and representatives from the Everready Funeral Home. (AA)