September 16, 2011
Courts supports ICT Road Show

Furniture and Appliance Giants Courts made its successful debut at the Caribbean ICT Road Show this week.{{more}}

At the regional event staged in St. Vincent and the Grenadines this week from September 12 to 14, the company displayed ICT tools that Courts’ OECS Business Development Officer Matthew Render says develop and promote information, communication and technology.

“We sell a wide range of laptops, tablets, PCs, Internet television, ipods, mp3 players, flash drives, wireless routers and other electronic devices; which is what this Road Show is all about.”

“It’s about spreading the word about what equipment is available and how technology can simplify your life and make you do your job better, and make you more productive.”

Render, who is based in St. Lucia, said that the combination of advice, information and resources provided by the Road shows, along with the tools that are available at Courts make the newly developed partnership one that would benefit not only the organizers and the company, but also the persons who attend the events when they are held all over the Caribbean.

“We have the merchandise and these events bring the people that are interested in development of IT; whether at home or in the office or on the road.”

“For us to be here and let people see what we have, will assist them in moving in that direction.”

Render promised that followers of these road shows would be seeing more of his company at the events, as they continue to make the tools available and play a vital role in the development of ICT.

Pretty soon, the items available at the showroom of furniture and appliance giants Courts would be making their way to customers in their various communities, as the company plans to engage in road shows of its own.

“We used to do road shows and take our products in communities where we don’t have stores. We are going to be doing more of that and we are starting with this ICT Road Show.”

“We actually have one this weekend in St. Kitts, one the weekend after in Grenada and next in St. Lucia. We will be back in St. Vincent in 2012,” Render said.