September 13, 2011
VincyCares meets target! School supplies collected for 59 primary schools

The second annual VincyCares School Supply Drive took place on Labour Day, Saturday, September 3, at Standard Shippers, located at 3116 Clarendon Road, in Brooklyn, New York.{{more}}

This year, the organizers set themselves the target of collecting enough school supplies for the 59 primary schools in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

A release from the organization said there was greater attendance at the event this year in comparison with last year.

This, the organizers say, is because supporters in the Diaspora have become “more aware” of the needs of the children.

The release said those unable to make it last week Saturday, dropped off their supplies prior to the Labour Day event.

Expressing their gratitude to all who contributed, the release said the drive also showcased “authentic Vincentian dishes and melodious soca music, which accentuate our Caribbean culture.”

There were live performances by Gommery, Franklyn ‘Supadex’ Richards, Maddzart, Gary Palmer and Ossie Dellimore.

Other soca artistes, including Fireman Hooper, Bomani, Cauldric Forbes, D man Age, Exposer, Lively and Gao, turned up to show their solidarity for the event.

The program also featured a moment of silence to pay respect for the passing of Taswya Cambridge, a board member of VincyCares, along with the presentation of accolades the organization received from the Progressive Democrats Political Association (PDPA) and The Council of the City of New York for outstanding achievements and contributions to the children of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

It was also announced that a youth arm, to be led by Taswya Cambridge Jr., will be launched in the near future.

VincyCares also launched a scholarship fund this year and recipients have already begun receiving scholarship funds. Upcoming events planned as part of the organization’s program this year include the annual dinner, which takes place on December 3.

This event also includes the printing of the organization’s first journal. Businesses and individuals are invited to feature their ads and congratulatory messages in the journal.

“VincyCares expresses a heartfelt thanks to Ambassador Mr. Camillo Gonsalves, Consul General Mr. Selmon Walters, Deputy Consul General Mr. Edson Augustus, COSAGO’s President Miss Lavern Mc Dowald, Stella Boyea-Ashby, our awards facilitator, and feature speaker, representing VincyCares SVG, Mr. Montgomery Howard.”

“VincyCares is eternally grateful to Gideon Fessie York and the staff at Standard Shippers for their outstanding support to this annual event.”