September 9, 2011
More Country Music Singers Qualify for Grand Finale

The Next Level Promotions Country Music Karaoke Idol Contest second season finals 2011, came to exhilarating climax on Friday, September 2, 2011, at the VinJam Restaurant and Bar.{{more}}

Eleven country singers entered the competition, from which Wayne Mathews, Todd “Sweet Sixteen” Samuel, Jancice Cumberbatch and Neroy Sam were selected to join four other singers, namely Savlon John, Linsay Da Santos, Kemdol Bowens and Colleen Lovelace, who already claimed their places to perform in the Grand Finale scheduled for December 3, 2011. This brings the number of finalists to eight. Four more singers are to be selected to complete the cast.

The contest, now in its second year, also featured the Hairoun Country Dance Challenge. Dancers competed in two categories, couple freestyle and group line dance. Two couples advance to the Dance Challenge finals in December 2011. They are Savlon John and company and Neroy Sam and company, while the Samites is the only line dancing group to advance.

Many country music lovers, singers and dancers witnessed the event. They were treated with the soothing music of the Country Relatives of Bequia. Country music fans can look forward to the third season finals of the Country Music Karaoke Idol contest in November 2011.