September 2, 2011
SWMU to hold white Goods collection week

For one week in September, customers of the Central Water and Sewerage Authority will benefit from a White Goods Removal Service, initiated by the company’s Solid Waste Management Unit (SWMU).{{more}}

At a special press conference called on Tuesday, August 30, top officials of the authority outlined a number of initiatives that they intend to roll out during the upcoming months.

Winsbert Quow, head of the SWMU, indicated that the program, which will run from Monday, September 12, to Saturday 17, will cater to persons who have ‘White Goods’ (refrigerators, washing machines other household appliances and furniture and unwanted barrels) on their premises that need to be properly disposed of.

“Sometimes we will change our fridge and change our stove and they accumulate around our homes; that’s not good. It could lead to poor public health practices…. It could create a home for rodents and roaches (and) mosquitoes, and of course, when you produce these pests they don’t stay in your homes they spread to your neighbors’ homes.”

Quow informed that public that on their regular garbage day, vehicles contracted by the Unit will collect their white goods and transport them to a landfill where they will be placed.

He urged owners of these unwanted eyesores to have them placed at the roadside as early as six in the morning of their pick up, in the same areas where their regular garbage is normally collected, to ensure that they are removed.

The public was also informed that the service was free of cost, and that it will initially take place on a quarterly basis.

According to Quow, waste such as galvanize, tree branches and other items not identified in upcoming posters and commercials as white goods should not be placed for pick up on the specific days. These items, he said, can be picked up on a separate arrangement.

“It will take some effort on some people’s part, but to me it’s better than having those items laying around your homes and having all those public health issues…. This is about total public health and protection…so we are looking forward to good public participation during that time.”(JJ)