September 2, 2011
Students receive bursaries and vouchers to assist in school preparation

Ministers of Government and several constituency representatives distributed bursaries and vouchers to students at the Thomas Saunders Secondary School on Thursday, August 25.{{more}}

Over 50 students received a $400 bursary each to assist with educational needs, while 29 other students received vouchers valued at $250.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Douglas Slater said that the Government is offering assistance to the children to help them in their education and preparation for school. According to Slater, the children for whom things are “very hard” were selected.

He called on the parents to pay more attention to their children’s development and education by ensuring that more time is spent doing homework.

Minister of Education and Deputy Prime Minister, Girlyn Miguel, said that the Government considers the poor. She added that the funds were received from the people of England through the High Commissioner, His Excellency, Cenio Lewis, to give to the needy poor. Miguel stressed that the funds came from people who work hard and urged parents not to misspend funds.

Additionally, Minister of National Mobilization, Frederick Stephenson, distributed 29 vouchers to students valued at $250 each for school supplies. He commended the work of the High Commissioner and his team in England.

Stephenson said the vouchers were made possible by the St. Vincent and the Grenadines United Kingdom Outreach Organization.