August 30, 2011
Invest SVG says congrats to Lisa Hussain

Invest SVG is extending congratulations to Lisa Hussain of the West St. George Secondary School on her recent success in the CSEC examinations.{{more}}

Lisa, a former student of the West St. George Secondary School (WSGS), was among the four students who participated in the Invest SVG Secondary School Summer Internship Programme (SSSIP). The management and staff of Invest SVG extend heartfelt congratulations to Lisa Hussain on being the top performer from her school in the recent CSEC examinations.

“Smart, self-assured and focused, Lisa Hussain continues to demonstrate that she has what it takes to succeed,” a release from Invest SVG said.

“During the internship programme, Lisa’s dedicated and professional approach to each task was exemplary. She ultimately excelled throughout the period. Her willingness to learn was clear from the day she entered. Therefore, she was never afraid to ask questions or share her ideas whether it was with her colleagues in the Marketing Department or the staff as a whole,” the release said.

“Lisa has shown that, with the right attitude and approach, success is never far off. As she embarks on another stage in her academic development, Invest SVG wishes her all the best in all her future endeavours. Given what we have seen of her, we have no doubt that she possesses the prerequisite foundation, aptitude and humility to do well, both at school and in the world of work. We are more than pleased to have worked with Lisa during the inaugural SSSIP.”