Humphrey wins trip to NY
August 26, 2011
Humphrey wins trip to NY

Derek Humphrey of Chauncey Village is the lucky winner of a trip for two to New York Labour Day celebration, in the Hairoun Beer Kings of D Road Carnival Promotion. Derek was very fortunate to be selected in the draw, which took place at the St. Vincent Brewery Ltd on August 24, 2011.{{more}} The Hairoun Beer Kings of D Road Carnival promotion, which continues until September 30, provided Humphrey with the opportunity to travel to New York with his wife to attend various events.

“Right now I am feeling happy. I was astonished at first when I received the telephone call. I was at work, looked at the number and then I realized it was not a prank. A few days ago I remembered telling my wife that I have a strange feeling that I am going to win this draw. I have entered many draws already and this is the first time I came out a winner. I am very thankful to St.vincent Brewery for this opportunity, and wish to encourage other persons to take part in promotions sponsored by the St.vincent Brewery and continue to Hold Your Own, drink Hairoun Beer the number one beer in St.vincent,” said Derek Humphrey, after being asked how he felt upon receiving the news that he had won the promotion.

“Hairoun Beer is the number one selling beer in St. Vincent & the Grenadines and allows us to provide Vincentian Beer Drinkers with an opportunity to experience truly Regional and International event”, said Kasai Simmons, Brand Manager, St. Vincent Brewery Limited.

Hairoun Beer is brewed and bottled by St. Vincent Brewery Limited with headquarters at Campden Park Industrial Estate.