Maloney – I want justice for my friend
August 16, 2011
Maloney – I want justice for my friend

While Vasilka Maloney says that she‘s grateful to be alive, she says that she wants justice for her long time friend Stephmnie Daniel, who was fatally stabbed by her former lover over the weekend.{{more}}

Maloney escaped death and walked away from the fracas which left her best friend dead, only nursing minor injuries.

She contends that if the assailant really wanted to kill her too, he would have, but she is thankful to be alive.

She is making a plea that justice be served for her now deceased friend.

The woman is now nursing injuries to the left side of her forehead and left hand, after allegedly being attacked by Daniel’s former boyfriend.

She told SEARCHLIGHT that she, the victim and Shirley Wilson were talking and joking around in Wilson’s porch when the man showed up.

“He just come up an’ say wha all yuh ah call me name for?” the woman explained.

She continued, saying that Daniel got up in an attempt to leave, but the man prevented her from doing so.

A short while after, the fatal wound was inflicted on Daniel and, according to Maloney, as he was passing her he said “and you too.”

The woman said she ducked, but was still injured.

She said that she stayed with her dying friend and saw when she took her last breath.

She explained that he wanted her (Daniel) to end their friendship.

“But she couldn’t do dat because ah been she only friend,” Maloney told SEARCHLIGHT.

According to Maloney, Daniel and her former lover had got into an altercation about a week before because she (Daniel) had gone out with her (Maloney).

“He said that if he see de two ah we again she will see what he will do to her,” Maloney said.

After the altercation, Maloney said her best friend returned home.

She also confirmed that Daniel did make a report to the Police.

She remembers her friend as being a well-organized person, who loved to laugh and a person who never complained.

“She used to work hard and she loved her three children,” Maloney said.