Alliance Francaise Linguistic Exchange
July 29, 2011
Alliance Francaise Linguistic Exchange

For the first time in the history of Alliance Francaise, a linguistic exchange has been organized with Martiniquans in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.{{more}}

The Federation des Oeuvres Laiques in Martinique sent a group of 15 youngsters from 12 to 18-years-old accompanied by 2 chaperons. The adults were accommodated at the BridgeHouse and the children were hosted by Vincentian Families.

From July 11 to 23, a programme of English classes and historical and cultural activities to discover the country was organized by the Alliance Francaise (Botanical Garden, Owia, Rawacou, Bequia, etc.). To make this exchange real and thank the Vincentian families for their involvement, their children, most of them being students of Alliance Francaise, were invited to join the Martiniquans in their activities.

On July 24, the day of their departure, tears flowed at the airport, with the children promising each other to keep in touch and see each other again.

This exchange was really a success. Contacts were established. Progress was made in French for Vincentians and English for Martiniquans.

The Alliance Francaise is looking forward to having another exchange next year and is ready, with its students, to start a fund raising campaign to organize a trip to Martinique for Easter.

The Alliance Francaise thanks its committee, its staff and partners in this event (Sweetie Pie Bakery, the BridgeHouse, Kevin Bailey, Bickles, etc.), and expresses its immense gratitude to the parents and children involved in this experience for making it so unique and for having taken care of these boys and girls as if they were their own children, brothers and sisters!