North Leeward Tourism Organization to launch projects this Saturday
July 26, 2011
North Leeward Tourism Organization to launch projects this Saturday

The Go North Leeward project aimed at encouraging Vincentians to visit the North Leeward community, will be launched this Saturday July 30, at Chateaubelair.{{more}}

Another project ‘Think Right’ will also be launched this Saturday and will focus on the development of youths in the North Leeward community, through several programmes.

Public Relations Officer for both projects Adrian ‘Tari’ Cadougan told SEARCHLIGHT that the Go North Leeward project will encourage Vincentians from the Grenadines and the Windward side of the island to visit the North Leeward community to enjoy the sites, falls and beaches located there.

“We are promoting North Leeward as the destination for the summer,” Cadougan said. The Go North Leeward project will also include several activities, namely a Breadfruit festival, which will feature Maypole dancing. Song competitions, film shows, panel discussions, among other things, will also be apart of the project.

A Miss North Leeward pageant will also be held on Saturday, September 3, 2011, with the proceeds from the show going towards therapy sessions for SweetI Robertson, a Chateaubelair resident and gunshot victim, who as a result is immobile.

The Project ‘Think Right’, Cadougan said, is a spill-off from the Project ‘Think Red’ last year, which focused on HIV education. That programme was done in collaboration with USAID and the Caribbean HIV Alliance.

With this year’s project, Cadougan said that they are going to teach personal and professional development skills to persons in the North Leeward area. He added that through the project, they also hope to develop business modules to enable young persons to start businesses that would be sustainable for the future.

The project will cover several topics, such as teaching persons how to apply for jobs, how to conduct themselves during interviews and putting resumes together. Skills such as etiquette and self-presentation will also be taught, as well as an appreciation for art and culture.

Cadougan said that the Project ‘Think Right’ will work hand in hand with the Go North Leeward project. The Project ‘Think Right’ will see centres set up in different parts of Chateaubelair. Cadougan said that a media centre will be set up which will teach students photography and videography and will focus on highlighting tourism destination sites. Persons will also utilize social networking sites to display their work.

Research will also be done tracing family trees and researching the history of North Leeward. The Project ‘Think Right’ will also seek to sensitize people on environmental issues such as recycling. Cadougan added the intent to set up businesses such as a food stall, thrift shop, and furniture making business. He expressed hopes that they will be sustained even after the project is concluded.

The projects are organized by the North Leeward Tourism Organization, with assistance from community members and business men of North Leeward, as well as other corporate entities. For more information persons can send emails to (OS)