July 15, 2011
VINSAVE Summer programme

The 24th VINSAVE Summer Programme under the theme “Taking a Look at out Country – SVG” opened on July 11 at the Vinsave Auditorium, Murray’s Road.{{more}}

Declaring the session open was Chairman of the Board of Directors Bernard Joseph. Director of Vinsave, Janice Fraser, welcomed everyone and outlined the objectives of the 6 week programme, while Merleana Williams, one of the facilitators of the programme, outlined the programme of activities which includes visits to various places of interest, arts and craft, dance and drama, among other things.

The Feature Address was delivered by Anthony Theobalds, Cultural Officer, who spoke about our 1st National Hero – Joseph Chatoyer and engaged the children in discussion and other facts of St. Vincent the Grenadines.

The progrmme will accommodate children ages 4 -14 years and concludes on August 19, 2011.